TruckLoad Services

A majority of all freight in the United States is transported via the roadways, approximately 81.5 percent in 2015 according to the American Trucking Association.  The overwhelming amount of freight being shipped in this manner is why SmartWay Transportation chooses to specialize in transportation over the road.

SmartWay Transportation Inc. has the relationships and the know-how to quickly and efficiently transport goods across the United States, to and from ports east, west and the gulf as well. We also have the ability to move your goods from your warehouse to other locations as well.

SmartWay Transportation can assist you with a variety of different services:

Dry Van: Shipments that utilize standard trailers to transport goods.

Temperature-Controlled: Shipments that require temperature control to prevent product from getting too hot or cold.

Open-Deck: Shipments that do not fit in a standard trailer and need to be placed on an open air flatbed.

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Whether you need to ship manufacturing equipment, retail supplies or refrigerated goods such as ice cream and beverages, we can help transport all of your goods the right way, the SmartWay.

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