We Were Founded in 2010

SmartWay Transportation Inc. was founded by four friends who were fed up with the corporate world micromanaging every aspect of their work. Today we provide cutting-edge leadership, hire smart and driven people, provide a laid back work culture, and provide exceptional customer service every time.

Through our services and optimal transportation management, we help shippers significantly improve their financial performance, customer service and safety.

We Weathered the Storm

SmartWay was built in a time of economic recession. When many companies were shrinking, we were growing. We built a company that challenged everything we disliked about our previous work experiences. 

SmartWay has been able to develop a carrier base that is larger than most. We leverage our volume with a group of companies to provide lower rates than our corporate competitors. We put the needs of our customers before the dollar amount.

We Treat our Customers Like Family

We offer competitive pricing, on-time delivery, transparency and exceptional customer service. We offer distinctive freight optimization and collaboration programs that have produced incredible results for a variety of companies.

Today our business is averaging 54 percent annual growth over the last three years because of our disruptive but positive influences in an industry that needs to improve how it does business.


Our promise is to advance the logistics industry to a new level of trust and reliability by building friendly, ethical and smart business relationships. We aim to always treat business relationships as they should be treated, whether it’s with our employees, customers or vendors.

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